The Original - PIVOT gRIPS Final Edition

Pivot Grips


We are making these completely in-house so if you do not see your size, contact us and we will make them for you. 


Hopefully you notice the difference with our Final Edition. We have refiled our patent and modified our design to a folding grip in lieu of a rotating grip. We still believe in both functions though and think that our Final Edition suits the athlete that is doing a high volume of gymnastics and bar work. These grips are a blend of nubuck leather for the wrist strap and our unique microfiber blend for the hand grip. You may also notice our strategic placement of the D-Ring so that it does not dig in to the athlete's wrist when racking a barbell/dumbbell.

How to wear:

Although the grips may work on either hand, we recommend supinating your palm so that it is facing the ceiling/sky. The D-Rings should face your thumbs and you will notice that the logo on one strap is upright and the other faces down. The grip with the upright logo should be worn on your right hand.

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