"I've been at Crossfit for three years, and since then I've used six different pairs or combination of wrist wraps, gymnastic grips or a hybrid yet none worked effectively until I started using pivot grips. Pivot grips are great for workouts that require the need for both wrist wraps( clean and jerk, snatch, front squat) and gymnastic style grips ( toes to bar, chest to bar pull-ups, or muscle ups). They are quick to put on and adjust and have been my go to for the past four months. I would recommend getting a pair if you are serious about Crossfit." - Rich Mocarski

"I’ve tried other industry leading hand protection equipment for Crossfit workouts which offered good protection but had their limitations. I started using Pivot Grips when they first came out with version 1.0 and I was hooked. The unique design allows the freedom to use the palm protection when needed and seamlessly remove them when transitioning to another exercise and the wrist support is invaluable when pushing heavy weights. I don’t even need to see what routines are scheduled for the day; I put them on before the warm up even begins.  The improvements to version 2.0 made them even better and I keep a spare in my bag as a backup." - Thomas Manning