Read Before You Buy

You, the customer, are our top priority. We want to please all of our supporters and have come up with a list of suggestions and comments based off of the reviews and feedback that we have received on our products. Hopefully this will help everyone understand how PIVOT gRIPS work and how to pick the right size.

  1. For Versions 1 and 2, please ensure that the pivot button is fully secure prior to each use. This can be accomplished by applying pressure to the underside of the pivot button through the neoprene and turning the top of the pivot button clock-wise. The button is threaded and acts just like a screw. Lefty loosie, righty tighty! For the Version 2.0, if the pivot button comes loose, just spin the whole hand protection clockwise and it will self tighten.
  2. Please take a measurement of your hand fully open. When wearing the hand protection, there should be no space between the bottom of your ring and middle fingers and those awful callus areas right below them. You should also not feel any tension on the back side of your fingers from the top of the finger hole. The finger hole size is irrelevant if the correct size is purchased. It was designed large so that it can be quickly and easily removed and re-installed.
  3. Please ensure that you have a full grip of the pull-up bar. PIVOT gRIPS will be less effective if a user tends to grip a pull-up bar closer to or with their fingers. This can also cause extra tension on the pivot button as well as expose the bottom of your middle and ring fingers, which have the most exposure to RIPS!
  4. When taking PIVOT gRIPS out of the package for the first time, disconnect the hand protection by pulling it off of the nylon tightening strap. There is velcro behind the top of the finger hole. Just lift it up and let it dangle for now. Secondly, pull the nylon tightening strap with velcro on it away from the neoprene. Start at the end of it, which is located near the pivot button and pull away. Put the nylon tightening strap through the metal loop. Slide over your hand and tighten to your liking. Each wrap is identical and can go on either wrist. Ensure that the pivot button is aligned to the center of the underside of your wrist. Please go on our Instagram page for a demonstration!
  5. Disclaimer: Working out can be a dangerous activity. PIVOT gRIPS were designed to support the wrists, help protect the hands and improve grip. PIVOT gRIPS were not designed to keep an individual hanging on the pull-up bar. Please be smart and give your hands a break prior to going back on to a pull-up bar so that you do not fall off and injure yourself. Do not rely on PIVOT gRIPS to hold on for dear life no matter how badly you want to PR on your workout.