Who We Are

PIVOT gRIPS is a family owned and operated company that was established in June of 2016. Our business emerged when Mike and Bridget came up with an idea of an integrated wrist protection and rotating hand grip product that would separate itself from the competition.  After performing numerous workouts and struggling with our gymnastics grips getting in the way during barbell movements, we decided to resolve this issue. We went to the drawing board and paid many visits to hardware and arts and crafts stores. Once we had a prototype put together, we found a manufacturer, showed them our idea and began creating samples. During this process, we also filed for a provisional patent. We truly believe in the versatility of this design and wanted to be the only ones to make something this unique. Approximately 3 months after our idea was formed, PIVOT gRIPS 1.0 hit the market. As we gathered suggestions and feedback from our supporters, we continued to create prototypes to improve the design. Thanks to all of you, PIVOT gRIPS 2.0 were born in early 2017. We continued to work on improving our design and released the third version (PIVOT gRIPS Elite). In 2020, we revised our patent and went through a design variation overhaul to form "PIVOT gRIPS Final Edition." We wanted complete control of our manufacturing and are proud to say that the Final Edition are hand sewn by my mother Donna Parent. Being a family owned company, our success is 100% dependent on our customers. We appreciate the support and thrive off of your business and suggestions so please keep them coming!
-Mike, Bridget, Donna and Michelle