PIVOT gRIPS 3.0 Black Leather and White Suede


Our white suede option is the thinnest material we offer and is beneficial for all types of pull-up bars. It has plenty of malleability. We recommend these for athletes looking for protection and grip during all pull-up bar movements. We use or black leather as the wrist strap to provide more support for our athletes.

Your grip and hand protection is our highest priority. We decided that our unique rotating feature was not enough when designing our newest version so we went a step further and made these "personal." Every single pair of PIVOT gRIPS 3.0 will be made by ownership so that we can provide our athletes with the highest quality possible. Each pair has multiple hours devoted to production. The process starts with cutting the hand and wrist protection pieces via our manual 2-ton press and custom-made dies. After that, we stamp our logo at the base of each grip with another custom stamp that we had manufactured. Once this is accomplished, the sewing and gluing process takes place. The final step is attaching our grip and wrist strap via the piece that makes our product one-of-a-kind, which is the "PIVOT" assembly. Click on our logo thumbnail in the product images to watch our manufacturing video!

We offer (2) wrist strap sizes to accommodate a wide variety of athletes. Please measure your wrist circumference and select small (5.5" length) or large (6.5" length) based on your preference.

Don't see your size? Feel free to email us and we will be happy to make you a pair if the material is available.

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