PIVOT gRIPS Daily Workout #9

April 30, 2017

PIVOT gRIPS spent the day at the Crossfit Override grand opening and can not thank everyone enough for their support and interest in our unique product. In honor of today, I want this workout to reflect one of the challenges that Nick, Eric and Marshall had for us. My cousin Joe happened to Assault Bike 45 calories in 30 seconds. That has to be a world record. If you pay attention to the photo, we may have a Version 2 prototype teaser hidden somewhere in there ;).

Part 1: Warm up the legs and hips. Today is another simple, yet potent one. 

Part 2: 5 Rounds of max effort Airdyne Bike Calories in 30 seconds with a solid 6-8 minute rest in between rounds. This needs to be 110% effort so take a long break and make sure your are 90-95% recovered. See if you can beat 45 calories!