PIVOT gRIPS Daily Workout #59

July 06, 2018

I finally bit the bullet this week and am attempting to get a quick workout in before I get on the train in the morning so I have a clear schedule at night after work. I am lucky enough to be only 1/2 a mile from my gym, which helps me squeeze in a good 30 minute gym session, but I am a little obsessive over my routine and have my schedule mapped out almost to the minute leading up to my shuttle ride to the train station. Below is my morning routine with the gym incorporated. No excuses people!

5:10 Alarm goes off

5:18 to 5:20 - Arrive at Gym and warm up

5:25 "ish" - Workout (See below for the actual workout)

5:50 to 6:05 - Leave Gym, shower, take my apple cider vinegar/oil of oregano, make a shake, pack my backpack

6:05 to 6:12 - Foam roll, stretch and deep tissue massage while watching Sportscenter

6:15 - Hop on shuttle and start my hour and forty minute commute

Today's Workout

20 Minute EMOM

Minute 1: 15 20lb Wallballs

Minute 2: 20 Pushups

Minute 3: 12 8lb Wallball Knee-Ups hanging from the pull-up bar (I tweaked my back golfing, but ideally I would like to do Toes-to-bar

Minute 4: 40 Double-unders

Repeat for 5 sets and enjoy!

If you can't do any of these movements, substitutions are fine. The goal is to get that heart pumping right away to spark your metabolism and get the brain/body working. Email me if you need help coming up with something different.