PIVOT gRIPS Daily Workout #53

March 30, 2018

The Open is finally over and everyone can get back to their programming. It is extremely tough for me to be 100% dedicated to one program because of work and the men's hockey league that I am a part of. Time has been limited lately at night and EMOM's have been my friend. That being said, try this one out and don't hold back!

Warm up until you have a good sweat going! I have found that I perform much better during an intense conditioning workout when my body is "ready" for it.

16 Minute EMOM:

12/10 Cal Ski Erg or Row

10-12 Burpee box jumps

2-4-6-Deadlifts, Hang Cleans, Shoulder to Overhead("Mini DT" @ 155/105)

30-50 DU