PIVOT gRIPS Daily Workout #51

March 19, 2018

So today I attempted 18.4. Those who work out with me know that I lack in the endurance department, but am extremely stubborn and will finish anything even if it takes me triple the amount of time. I knew I wasn't going to complete this entire workout in 9 minutes, but I wanted to finish it. IT WAS HORRIBLE! Give it a try and be very careful! I am not a fan of high rep deadlift workouts, but once in a while I think it is acceptable. Keep that core tight and drive your feet through the floor!

For Time:

21 Deadlifts at 225/155Lbs 

21 Handstand pushups

15 Deadlifts at 225/155Lbs 

15 Handstand pushups

9 Deadlifts at 225/155Lbs

9 Handstand pushups

21 Deadlifts at 315/205Lbs 

50 Ft Handstand Walk

15 Deadlifts at 315/205Lb 

50 Ft Handstand Walk

9 Deadlifts at 315/205Lb

50 Ft Handstand Walk

Enjoy! Took me 34 Minutes