PIVOT gRIPS Daily Workout #5

April 21, 2017

All of us at PIVOT gRIPS would like to wish everyone a happy Monday! Start the week off right with this short and sweet interval workout. Make sure to wear your PIVOT gRIPS to protect your hands and support your wrists!

Part 1.) Warm up for 5-10 Minutes. Perform 10 Inch-Worms into Spidermans on the right and then 10 on the left. Then perform 3 rounds of 10 Pass-throughs, 15 Air-Squats and 20 Jumping Jacks(clap hands behind back and above head each time).

Part 2.) 20 Minute EMOM(Every Minute on the Minute)

Minute 1: 5 Hang Snatch then 5 Kipping/Butterfly Pull-ups. Pick a challenging weight for the snatches, but you will be doing 50 of them so keep that in mind. If you don't have Kipping/Butterfly pull-ups, ring rows will suffice. Adjust your angle depending on ability.

Minute 2: 12-15 Box Jumps. 24" for Men and 20" for Ladies. Try to do box jumps today. You do not have to rebound and protect those shins! 30"/24" is encouraged if you are feeling good!