PIVOT gRIPS Daily Workout #44

November 20, 2017

Hello everyone. It has been a while since we posted something on here. Bridget and I are getting married in May and we have had weddings galore this summer/fall. We have also been designing our newest and best version of PIVOT gRIPS ever. PIVOT gRIPS Elite are in production as we speak and will be done shortly. They are reinforced, less bulky and will accommodate most wrist and hand sizes. 

In anticipation of our new release, we want to start posting WOD's again for all of our fans. We have another wedding today so I programmed a calorie burner to make room for cake and other goodies.

Part 1: Warm Up for a solid 10 minutes! 

Part 2: 45 Minute AMRAP

1200 Meter Run with a weighted vest(preferably murph weight) then......

4 Rounds of:

3 Strict Pullups, 5 strict toes-to-rings, 7 pushups

Repeat and Enjoy!