PIVOT gRIPS Daily Workout #3

April 17, 2017

Happy Saturday! I did this workout last night as I was crunched for time. For those of you with wrist issues, PIVOT gRIPS can even help when you do Burpees. Sometimes the simple workouts hurt the most!

Part 1: Warm up for 5 minutes. You will be rowing for part 2 so I suggest whatever you like to open up those hips and warm up the legs. Spidermans, Inchworms and body twists help me. Warm up the upper body by doing around the worlds, pass throughs and arm circles.

Part 2: 12 Minute EMOM(Every minute on the minute)

Minute 1: 12 Calorie Row, 1 Burpee

Minute 2: 11 Calorie Row, 2 Burpees

Minute 3: 10 Calorie Row, 3 Burpees

Minute 4: 9 Calorie Row, 4 Burpees

Keep going with this pattern for 12 minutes. The last minute should be a 1 Calorie Row and 12 Burpees.....WOOF!