PIVOT gRIPS Daily Workout #24

June 02, 2017

Happy President's Day! I have the day off today, which means two workouts are in order. The Opens start in just 3 days so it is time to dial in that cardio and be ready for some brutal workouts.

Session 1/Part 1: Warm up! Pick your tight spots and loosen them up

Session 1/Part 2:

1.) Front squat 6x6. Warm up to your 80% and perform 6x6 at that weight. Take a 90-120 second break in between sets

2.) Clean Complex-Work up to a heavy 1 hang clean, 1 jerk, 1 full clean, 1 jerk

3.) 4 Position Snatch-1 High Hang, 1 Hang, 1 Low Hang, 1 Full. You can drop the weight for the full snatch. Perform 5 sets of this. Pick a challenging weight, but don't jeopardize form.

Session 2/Part 1: Warm up!

Session 2 Part 2: Triple Metcon- Do these all out!

6 Minute AMRAP

10 Hang Snatch(95/65lbs)

10 Burpee box jump overs

Rest 5-7 Minutes

6 Minute AMRAP

10 Clean and Jerk(115/75lbs)

10 Toes to bar(Scale to knee ups if necessary)

Rest 5-7 minutes

6 Minute AMRAP Ladder

1 Squat Snatch(135/95lbs), 1 Muscle Up, 

2 Squat Snatch, 2 Muscle Ups...

3 Squat Snatch, 3 Muscle Ups ...