PIVOT gRIPS Daily Workout #2

April 20, 2017

Hi everyone! Today's workout is a 25 minute EMOM(Every minute on the minute)

Part 1: Warm up for 10 minutes. For those of you who sit at a desk all day, you most likely have tightness in your hip flexors and lower back. I like to focus on active stretching/moving prior to a workout and stretching afterwards. Perform spider-mans, inch-worms, and some hip thrusters banded or un-banded. Jog, bike or row at a conversational pace for 5 minutes.

Part 2:

Minute 1: 30-50 DU. If you don't have double-unders yet, perform 80-100 singles

Minute 2: 15-20 Pushups. Chest to deck!

Minute 3: 8-12 TTB. If you don't have toes-to-bar. Knee ups will work or ab-mat situps.

Minute 4: 8-15 Box jumps. Men use 24" and ladies use 20." Step-ups are okay. Watch those shins!

Minute 5: 15 Kettlebell Swings. Pick a challenging weight

You will perform each movement 5 times. 5x5=25 ;)

Don't forget to stretch!