PIVOT gRIPS Daily Workout #12

May 10, 2017

A long day calls for a quick, simple and deadly workout. I got this from a friend of mine and underestimated it greatly once I started. 

Part 1: Get the shoulders and upper back loose! Windmills, around the worlds and band pull aparts are my go to for this. Do some hip opener movements and a few sets of air squats with a pause at the bottom and push your legs out with your elbows.

Part 2: Descending/Ascending Ladder of Ring Muscle Ups and Rowing

10 MU/100M Row

9 MU/200M Row

8 MU/300M Row

Follow the pattern. Your last set should be 1 MU/1000M Row.....OUCH!

You can scale the Ring MU by doing bar MU. If you don't have these, I would do strict pull-ups with or without a weighted vest. If you don't have strict pull-ups yet, use a band to assist you! Challenge yourself :).