PIVOT gRIPS Daily Workout #11

May 05, 2017

Has anyone seen the move 300? If so, today you will be performing the "only" workout those guys did to get ripped. No special effects and computer magic made them look like that ;). The workout is still brutal though and will test your strength and endurance. PIVOT gRIPS will come in very handy for your hands and wrists as well.

Part 1: Warm up! Spend about 5 minutes on the lower body and 5 on the upper.

Part 2: For time-The 300 Workout

25 Pullups, 50 Deadlifts(135/95), 50 Pushups, 50 Box Jumps(24"), 50 Floor Wipers(135/95lbs), 25 36/20lb kettlebell clean & press each arm and 25 more pullups. You are doing 100 floor wipers total! 

Try and do this in under 20 minutes and scale accordingly!