PIVOT gRIPS Daily Workout #41

November 17, 2017

After a long weekend, today's workout duration is slightly longer than our 30 minute time cap. I felt the need to work off some extra food that was consumed in Cape Cod. Our wrist wraps will come in "Handy" for this one as there is a lot of barbell, pullup bar and kettlebell work to go through. The 300 Workout was one of my first experiences with a HIIT type workout so I like to go back to it a couple of times a year. Its a brutal one so please make sure to warm up accordingly!

Workout Time Cap=45 Minutes Max

Part 1(5 Min): Active Warmup-Row/Bike/Jog/Pass-throughs/Inch-Worms/Spidermans/ETC

Part 2(15 Min): 5x2 Clean From Blocks(75% of 1RM)-Bar Should be at Knee Height

Part 3(25 Min Cap):

“300” Workout

25 Pullups

50 Deadlifts(135/95Lbs)

50 Pushups

50 Box Jumps(24/20”)

50 Floor Wipers(135/65LBS)

50 KB C&J (35/25LBS)-25 Each Arm

25 Pullups

You can scale as well. Use bands for the strict pullups, lower the weight of the deadlifts/floor wipers/KB's and you can also elevate your pushups or do them on your knees.